Entitled to God

Entitled to love

Blessings flow around

I proven myself

Devoted to Him

I expect blessings

Happiness with me

Great health within me

In security

I sleep comforted

No worries in me

God’s spirit protects

Entitled to this

Receive Spiritual Greatness

What is Spiritual Greatness?

  • Greatness is being patient while struggling. 
  • Greatness is not seeking revenge when you’ve been wronged. 
  • Greatness is being happy without needing a reason.
  • Greatness is having peace while surrounded chaos. 
  • Greatness is having complete faith while nothing has changed.

#15: I Am Sealed by God

Life is not perfect 

Yet I still smile 

I appreciate God 

And His great blessings 

I am sealed by God

I am marked and blessed

He deemed me worthy

Of His love and grace

The spirit marked me

It flows within me

I feel God’s beauty

My heart fills with praise

I will rely on God

His power is there

Much strength and power

I don’t walk in fear

#14: Without God I’m dead

I know I’m nothing.

I know that I’m weak.

I lack pride in self.

Without God I’m dead.

It’s not I who’s strong.

I’m lost, and confused.

With God, I’m secure,

Full of life and love.

He makes me stand tall.

Head held high in air.

There is no mountain,

That stands in my way.

When you see me smile,

It’s the God in me.

I depend on Him. 

That will never change. 

#13: Remove Wrong People

Make God the center of your life and He will remove the wrong people and put the right people in your life.

My one true purpose

I have in this world

To be in union  

With me and my God 

Once that is secure

My relationships 

With other people 

Will be reinforced 

The right people come

The wrong ones will flee

My life will adjust

To have what I need

God is my center

And everything else

Falls in the right place

To the will of God’s

#12: No Situation, Will Destroy My Hope

In good times or bad, God wants you to fully rely on Him. Make the committment to put God in every situation.

Whatever happens

to me, good or bad

Will only show me

The power of God

No situation

Will destroy my hope

My mind is with God

My mind will not break

Trouble and hardship

Keeps surrounding me

Trouble and hardship

Will never get me

God freed me from fear

He built me up strong

I will overcome

I stand next to God

#9: No Matter the Days, I praise Him the Same

No matter the days-

I praise Him the same.

God gets the same praise- 

On my awful days- 

As on the good days. 

I live in this world.

But I live for You.

I reject evil.

I open to You.

High water or plight.

Success or triumph.

My love stays the same.

You are my purpose.

Thank you for showing.

Love me perfectly.

I learned to love You.

I love You fully.

#8: To Be Blessed By God

Are you looking for God’s blessings? This passage shows the way.

To be blessed by God-

Surrender your mind.

Allow Him to lead.

Happily follow.

To be blessed by God-

Have love in your heart.

Love God completely.

And He will be there.

To be blessed by God-

Help others in need.

Provide what you can.

Give so happily.

To be blessed by God-

Remove all your pride.

Be humble to Him.

Be pure in his sight.

#6: Oh God, Speak to Me

Read, pray, and recite this passage so God gives you direction and clarity. 

Oh God, Speak to me.

And I will Obey.

I will follow you.

Lead me on your path.

Without you I’m lost.

I wander and weep.

With you, I am strong.

To move without doubt.

Your voice is my rock.

Your command, I heed.

I listen closely.

So I understand.

I will go with faith.

Whatever you say.

My trust is you, God.

I do as you say. 

#3: Abundantly Blessed

Recite this passage daily to align your mind to start seeing God’s blessing DAILY.::

I am entitled.

Claim it to receive. 

The blessings of God-

Enriches my life.

My heart’s desires-

Fulfilled and prospers.

Abundantly live.

Abundantly give.

Make it no secret.

How God blesses me.

Let it leave no doubt.

That God is my light.

I live in fullness.

That God has bestowed.

For God is my rock.

I honor Him so.