#9: No Matter the Days, I praise Him the Same

No matter the days-

I praise Him the same.

God gets the same praise- 

On my awful days- 

As on the good days. 

I live in this world.

But I live for You.

I reject evil.

I open to You.

High water or plight.

Success or triumph.

My love stays the same.

You are my purpose.

Thank you for showing.

Love me perfectly.

I learned to love You.

I love You fully.

#5: Happiness is God

Recite this passage to increase happiness. 

Happiness is God.

Nowhere else to seek.

Nothing else I need-

But God and his love.

My days may be harsh.

That does not stop me-

From loving my God.

To keep me happy.

As it is within-

May it flow without.

The base is my soul-

Connected with God.

I stand firm with God.

He stands firm in me.

And keeps me happy.

And keeps blessing me.