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#15: I Am Sealed by God

Life is not perfect  Yet I still smile  I appreciate God  And His great blessings  I am sealed by God I am marked and blessed He deemed me worthy Of His love and grace The spirit marked me It flows within me I feel God’s beauty My heart fills with praise I will rely on … Continue reading #15: I Am Sealed by God

#14: Without God I’m dead

I know I’m nothing. I know that I’m weak. I lack pride in self. Without God I’m dead. It’s not I who’s strong. I’m lost, and confused. With God, I’m secure, Full of life and love. He makes me stand tall. Head held high in air. There is no mountain, That stands in my way. … Continue reading #14: Without God I’m dead

#13: Remove Wrong People

Make God the center of your life and He will remove the wrong people and put the right people in your life. My one true purpose I have in this world To be in union   With me and my God  Once that is secure My relationships  With other people  Will be reinforced  The right people … Continue reading #13: Remove Wrong People

#11: A Temple of God

Your body is a temple of God. Your body is entitled to health, peace, vitality, and immunity. Live like it and speak God’s power over your life. This passage will help you do just that. A temple of God He dwells within me Connected with God Sickness won’t succeed The maker’s image Designed perfectly Rest … Continue reading #11: A Temple of God

#8: To Be Blessed By God

Are you looking for God’s blessings? This passage shows the way. To be blessed by God- Surrender your mind. Allow Him to lead. Happily follow. To be blessed by God- Have love in your heart. Love God completely. And He will be there. To be blessed by God- Help others in need. Provide what you … Continue reading #8: To Be Blessed By God

#7 God, My Protection

When you are dealing with troubles or a difficult situation, remember God is your protection: Darkness fills the world. But God is my light. I feel protected- By His love and grace. Chaos is near me. But I will stay safe. God is my shelter. I will never stray. Worry may follow. My mind stay … Continue reading #7 God, My Protection

#6: Oh God, Speak to Me

Read, pray, and recite this passage so God gives you direction and clarity.  Oh God, Speak to me. And I will Obey. I will follow you. Lead me on your path. Without you I’m lost. I wander and weep. With you, I am strong. To move without doubt. Your voice is my rock. Your command, … Continue reading #6: Oh God, Speak to Me


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